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Viewer discretion is advised. The tips suggested in this video are to be used at your own risk.

Please be safe and do not text and drive.

Always keep a safe following distance and have your attention on the road ahead at all times.

Bikers, pedestrians and cyclists are most vulnerable - please be aware of them.

Have fun and may this audio be beneficial to you.


Dear Driver. This is a tool designed for us, who commute often and need fresh energy to drive safely. If you can, make a roll from your jacket or use an overball and support your lower back against the seat, this will increase your well being in the car and health of your back. Please, use this exercise when there are no cars around and driving conditions are perfect. Make sure you do not use this exercise, when there is a possibility of people or bikers entering the road. They are the most vulnerable. Use at slow speeds only. Be aware of a minimum three-second safe following distance which gives you an extra reaction time and can save lifes. Safe following distance for bad weather is 4 seconds, SUVs are to add a couple more seconds and big trucks should have at least 6-second safe following distance. With this said and understood, let's begin!


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