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What is Qigong?


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QiGong is an easy standing exercise for all that helps us to improve and to keep good physical and mental health. It is an exercise for people of any age and ability and builds our capacity to be relaxed and happy.


In qigong style eagle in the nest - we start off with a self massage. This deeply relaxing technique is fun to do and gives you a tool to use in daily life - be it in an office, parking lot or an airplane. When You start with our self massage, the exercises that follow function at a deeper level, because your body and mind are more at ease and receptive.


Now we are getting to a set of flowing exercises, circular in motion and easy to implement. These graceful movements teach us good stability, coordination and body awareness and most importantly, they teach us to use our energy efficiently. Developing the art of mindful movement not only settles the mind and builds our capacity to concentrate, it clears energy blockages and boosts our health.


When mind and body are in sync, it is the best time to train standing. In standing, we relax into a static pose which promotes healthy posture, builds our capacity to take in more energy and store it and contributes to longevity. 


In the end of the lesson or whenever needed we delve into training our minds. We learn to focus and be calm. The brain muscle, when trained,  gives You freedom to choose how you perceive life and therefore gives you freedom to choose your mood and attitude. Viktor Frankl, renowned psychiatrist and holocaust survivor said: Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. 


Does this sound good to you? The only way to know if it is a perfect fit for you is to Try qigong and experience it on yor own! This might be your go to practice that effects the rest of your life or you might find parts of it helpful in your own routine. One thing is for sure: Mood follows action, therefore, feel free to write me and email or call me up and ask me about classes in person or thru a personalised video set or a live session.


I am so happy to have the chance introducing You this easy-to-implement and profound way of self liberation, this tool for a more balanced YOU!


I am a masseur and qigong teacher who shares wellness ideas and brings them to practice every monday live on instagram.





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